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Keeping Dreams Alive in the Face of Challenge

Meet Sacha van der Merwe - a wife and mother. Nothing of her present day posture speaks to the life challenges she has had to overcome. Her story is one where God’s grace touches a woman’s strength and resilience. Sacha was born a Jew. She grew up exploring various forms of spirituality, from esoteric mediums to Buddhism, as well as seeking answers to life’s toughest questions in many self-help courses. Her search for truth in many sources only left her deeply unfulfilled. She married early but was divorced by 22. It was only after being invited to her second Alpha course that she had a radical encounter with God that opened her eyes and found her surrendering her life to Jesus. “I grew up in a dysfunctional family and needed to let go of old hurts, resentment and anger I had built up around my parents and ex-husband. It was only when I met Jesus, that my journey of healing and restoration truly began,” Sacha attested. The Christian life is one with ebb and flow and far from easy.


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